LE TacCIS Phase 3 - Stakeholders

Background and requirement

LE TacCIS is a Cat A £4Bn joint sponsored programme on the Government Major Project Portfolio (GMPP). LE TacCIS has a diverse set of stakeholders including joint sponsors, approvals and scrutiny community, platform and system delivery teams and Industry bodies.


TP Group wrote the LE TacCIS Stakeholder Communication and Management Plan which defines the process for ensuring stakeholder communications are appropriate and timely. We generated the full list of Programme stakeholders and assessed them according to interest, influence and level of understanding of the Programme to identify where specific interventions were required.

Through monthly meetings our team proposed a set of stakeholder messages for endorsement and then developed the required communication products including newsletter, emails, blogs and website alerts. As a result of the analysis a gap in the knowledge of staff on interfacing projects was identified. In order to address this gap we proposed a series of roadshows in four locations to ensure that interfacing projects were aware of the direct and in-direct dependencies with the Programme. We then arranged and developed content for the roadshows.


All stakeholders receive the required level of information about the Programme which de-risks approvals activities and ensures that interfacing projects have a clear understanding of their linkages with the Programme.

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