Armed Forces Week – 24 to 29 June 2024

During Armed Forces Week TP Group is proud to show our support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces Community, both past and present. We recognise the contribution that all members of our Armed Forces and their families make to the nation through their sacrifices as a result of their duty.

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Currently more than 30% of our group workforce is made up of veterans and their contribution is indispensable both to us and our clients. With such a strong military heritage, we asked a number of our colleagues to reflect about their time in uniform and how this has shaped their careers.

Chris Cullis, Client Director
Royal Marines -30 years’ service

30 years in the Royal Marines instilled in me the unshakeable belief that if the right team, with the right mindset and set of values prepare and focuses its physical, mental and moral resources, it can overcome pretty well any challenge. Former service people bring this learning, and more, to industry.

Matt Whitnall, Principal Consultant, P3M
Royal Air Force - 25 years’ service

Over my 25-year military career, the most valuable lesson was one of cultural understanding and empathy. From the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to the serene landscapes of Japan and Chile, I actively sought to understand diverse perspectives - of friend and foe, ally and unknown. These experiences have profoundly shaped who I am today.

Michael Bailey, Principal Consultant, Systems & Supportability Engineering
Royal Air Force - 15 years’ service

Being involved in Military Logistics for 15 years has shaped my career path into Consultancy due to the varied nature, adverse conditions, and front-line exposure to real-world Logistical and Supply Chain issues – not only from a form and function perspective but also from and end-user perspective. Being able to be part of the influence that shapes the future of our Defence capabilities and equipment completes the circle.

Matthew Bird, Consultant, Systems & Supportability Engineering
Royal Corps of Signals - 24 years’ service

Having completed 24 years with the Royal Corps of Signals, the context and experience I bring to taskings / projects ensures I can relate to customer requirements and ensure their needs are met.

The Army provided me with my character and gusto to get the job done, right and first time. This was bolstered by a PGCert is Wireless Communications which consolidated my experience and made it tangible to the industry I work in.

TP Group’s aim is to ensure that our enduring support for the Armed Forces is present throughout the company and is reflected in our commitment to The Armed Forces Covenant. Together with our sister company, Osprey CSL, we are currently working towards our Silver Award.

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