Multi-disciplinary support for the UK MOD’s multi-£Bn SKYNET programme

The SKYNET Client Side Support (CSS) contract

TP Group is a key part of the team which has won the Ministry of Defence (MOD) CSS contract. This contract is part of the MOD’s upgrade of its military satellite system, SKYNET, which will provide secure, long-range communications to the armed forces and UK allies. It covers the operation of the UK’s constellation of satellites and ground stations, and the provision and management of ground terminal infrastructure.

The initial engagement is worth £1.5million over the next 12 months. The full CSS contract is planned to last for 5-years with an advertised value of £150m. Satellite communication systems are key to operating effectively in hostile environments. This upgrade will allow the sharing of information among multiple participants at sea, in the air, and on land – including unmanned vehicles in some cases.

Underpinning the programme

Working with the CSS prime contractor, PA Consulting, TP Group has provided embedded multi-disciplinary support:

Operational analysis – creating acquisition scenario options and developing operational analysis criteria to support senior decision-makers in making investment choices of space solutions.

Business case development – producing benefits-led, evidence-based business cases to secure approvals for investment in new/modified space systems and services.

Cost engineering – improving the accuracy and understanding of procurement, and in-service costs of space solutions, in support of business case development and ongoing programme delivery.

Acquisition & procurement support – generation of tender documentation, and subsequent evaluation and negotiation with suppliers.

Independent assurance – technical assurance of space concepts, designs and proposals.

Technology roadmapping – our experience in design and manufacture of space capabilities, telemetry, tracking & command systems assures best practice and manages risks.

Modelling & simulation – development of tools and techniques to model satellite communications including verification and validation services.

TP Group within the Space sector

Space is at the heart of our operations. We are one of the few organisations in the global space sector with a track record of contracts that cover the whole space industry supply chain.

For over 25-years, we have engaged with intergovernmental and national agencies, Tier-1 system integrators, system suppliers, scientific institutes and start-ups. We provide customer-side advice, analysis and assurance on costing, systems and technology, critical software, rugged electronics well as developing applied artificial intelligence to solve complex problems. We are a household name in the provision of workforce services and expert software solutions within the space domain and are continually extending our expertise to support our customers.

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