SPMAP - Disposal and Supply Support Plan

Background and requirement

The SPMAP project was the creation of a Disposal Plan (DP), and Supply Support Plan (SSP) for the department’s portfolio of rotary airframes. SPMAP operate 6 different capabilities deployed globally, to provide operational support, training, support helicopter and Search and Rescue to various MOD and Government departments.


TP Group has extensive experience in Defence across all domains, as well as the application of logistics within Defence.  The project team included personnel who have years of experience working within Defence, the Military and the wider Logistics field; with over 30 combined years supporting various front-line commands (FLC) deployed worldwide, as Military Logistics Experts and within the private sector – notably Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Local Government, Automotive and complex supplier 3PL operations. A DP was created in liaison with the Defense Equipment Sales Authority (DESA) and Project Hercules, ensuring that all Project Oriented environmental Management Systems (POEMS) and Project Orientated Safety Management System (POSMS) guidance was followed.

The SSP was completed following in-depth study of the current support policies, highlighting how the department was supported in relation to Spares Procurement, Initial Provisioning, Re-Provisioning, Codification and Stakeholder Management.


This culminated in two pan-portfolio documents being delivered to the client for incorporation into the department’s wider in-service strategy. Both documents were delivered IAW Defstan 00-600 and the Support Solution Envelope (SSE).

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