Breaking new ground in Data Science collaboration

TP Group is excited to share a significant step forward in our journey to harness the power of our data science teams from TP Group and our sister company Sagentia Innovation as they came together for an intensive two-day event, focused on identifying opportunities for collaboration and skill synergy.

Bringing together the exceptional minds of Dom McCaskill, Dennis Glover and Hollie Dawson from TP Group, with Aindrila Basu and Vinod Munirajaiah from Sagentia Innovation, the event saw the teams roll up their sleeves and dive into a horizon scanning project that promised exciting outcomes. It proved to be a prime opportunity to explore new data science skills and techniques that can be applied to existing projects and enhance our bid-winning capabilities.

Our objectives for this collaboration were multifaceted:

- Develop a practical tool for current projects and future endeavours.

- Strengthen bonds between the TP Group and Sagentia Innovation data science teams, laying the foundation for future collaborations.

- Raise awareness about the data science capabilities within our teams, both internally and externally.

This event focused on horizon scanning – a systematic search for early indicators of important developments. With our collective data science expertise, we aim to track emerging trends and areas of interest, further enhancing our strategic capabilities.

Over the course of the two days the teams gained valuable insight and learnings into our future approach to hackathons and allowed us to provide a dataset on research papers into Natural Language Processing on which we will carry out further analysis and visualisation.

Dominic McCaskill, Principal Consultant, said “The outcomes from this event will serve as a springboard for identifying new data science skills and techniques. We're eager to integrate these into our ongoing projects and weave them into proposals to secure additional opportunities.”

Following the success of this collaborative endeavour we are considering even more extensive hackathons, drawing in talent from various departments across TP Group and beyond.

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