TP Group collaborates with Future Capability Innovation (FCI) on MDIS programme

Recently TP Group was proud to collaborate with Future Capability Innovation (FCI) on the Multi-Domain Integrated Systems (MDIS) programme, launching project ACHERON at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

Project ACHERON will offer the opportunity to assess Defence’s All-Domain, integrated Remote Autonomous Systems (RAS) capability potential. ACHERON will support, align, cohere and integrate Front Line Command trials and experiments, and contribute to Joint Exercises where appropriate, to prove the level to which RAS can communicate and collaborate across Domains.

The Symposium delivered professional presentational material from Maritime, Land, Air, Space, Cyber, UKStratCom, Ministry of Defence and the Royal United Services Institute.

Our ACHERON industry partners were also in attendance, enabling discussions across defence and industry.

Watch the highlights video below.