Space is at the heart of our operations. We are one of the few organisations in the global space sector with a track record of contracts that cover the whole Space industry supply chain.

For over 25-years, we have engaged with intergovernmental and national agencies, Tier-1 system integrators, system suppliers, scientific institutes and start-ups . Our list of satisfied European clients is second to none in our areas of competence.

We are a household name in the provision of workforce services and expert software solutions for the space mission and project office and are continually extending our expertise across the whole space engineering domain.

Consulting for Space

We provide customer-side advice, analysis and assurance on costing, systems and technology for Space. We are currently working with the UK Government on a multi-£Bn UK military satellite project and providing satellite system and technology consultancy for commercial satellite constellation procurement.

Applied AI for Space

Our integrated technology suite has been designed to solve complex problems that require spatial analysis, digital world and synthetic environment modelling such as mission planning support, constellation management, collision avoidance, automated qualification and optimising the design/ manufacturing process.

Critical software

We seek to provide assurance to our customers that their safety and mission-critical software will operate reliably and safely and to advance the systems and software engineering disciplines

Market-leading management software

ECLIPSE provides a space project and mission management software suite – providing effective tools to deliver highly regulated programmes entirely online.

Workforce solutions services

We support international and national governmental organisations, and commercial organisations to meet their resource requirements. Our solutions portfolio is customised to our clients’ requirements – offering the flexibility they need.

Ruggedised hardware

We have developed a range of rugged IT solutions to support mission-critical operations within the most challenging environments. Designed and developed by our subsidiary, Westek, this hardware is proven in meeting the most rigorous military and security requirements.

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