ASTRID 90 - MOC Assessment Support

Background and requirement

The Maritime Operations Centre (MOC) has responsibility for the planning and delivery of Royal Navy (RN) operations in support of strategic objectives provided by MOD Main Building. Part of this process includes an annual review of whether the RN are achieving their objectives, and how their activities are contributing to the Defence enterprise.

The ASTRID 90 task was to develop a campaign-level assessment framework for the Maritime Operations Centre.


TP Group undertook the  ASTRID 90 Task, which was designed to allow MOC to provide improved (evidence-based) responses into future annual review cycles. To achieve this, TP Group:

(1) Undertook a review of high level military strategic objectives, and low level operational objectives, to derive and agree a set of RN campaign objectives;

(2) Scaled-up a proven assessment framework (currently in use to assess the success of individual RN operations) and tailored this to the proposed campaign outcomes and end states;

(3) Engaged with stakeholders from MOC and MWC to design metrics, and a data collection and analysis plan (DCAP), to enable progress to be tracked against each campaign objective. This included identification of potential indicators (qualitative and quantitative), and any specific information or data sources which could be used.


Through this study, TP Group developed the initial campaign level assessment framework which enabled MOC to undertake a planned and structured campaign assessment. Additionally, TP Group identified recommendations for further development and exploitation of the work and documented these within a report (which focused on stakeholder endorsement and refining data sources).

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