Enterprise transformation

Supporting the MOD’s digital transformation

TP Group has been a long-term partner to the UK Ministry of Defence in one of their most strategic digital transformation programmes. The £4.7 billion Land Environment Tactical Communication and Information Systems (LE TacCIS) Programme is responsible for delivering the next generation of tactical edge communication systems – addressing critical system obsolescence and introducing an agile, user centric, solution that delivers information superiority for UK armed forces.

The LE TacCIS Programme, part of the UK Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP), has two key elements:

Technology Transformation: Delivering a communication systems architecture that is open, such that changes can be made independently of one another and agnostic of a specific product or supplier.

Business Transformation: Establishing a new operating model that enables the high-tempo scoping, delivery and deployment of change to meet changes in need, threat or technology.

Underpinning the programme

TP Group’s Consulting value stream is providing a wide range of technical, transformation and programme management support to the Army-led Programme through an embedded team that has provided continuous support.

  • Capability Integration: Providing domain-leading knowledge, skills and expertise to synchronise and manage change across the Defence lines of development (including: logistics, training and security) to deliver coherent capability.
  • Programme Management: Establishing and resourcing the programme management office to enable best practice programme delivery and controls (including schedule, risk, approvals, stakeholders, benefits and cost management).
  • Business Transformation: The definition and implementation of change (across process, organisation, tools and information) to deliver a future operating model that exploits the investment in the communication systems architecture, and enables the high-tempo scoping, delivery and deployment of change.
  • Agile and User Centred Design: Embedding agile and user-centred design knowledge, skills and expertise into the core of the programme to ensure the users are engaged through life, and get the products they need, and that are easy to use.
  • Acquisition Strategy: Development of a commercial model and engagement with industry to create a multi-vendor programme, agnostic of any specific product or supplier.


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