ILS Assurance support to SSN-A

Background and requirement

The Ship Submersible Nuclear – Australia, US, and UK (SSNAUKUS, known as SSN-A) project tasking was to assist the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) in ensuring that the Support Assurance Requirements, as laid down in the DefStan 00-600 and the Support Solution Envelope (SSE21) – Defence’s approach to Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for all projects, was baselined against an extant Support Solutions Report (SSR) and meeting the expectations for SSE21 Support Assurance. The Outline Business Case (OBC [2]) Review Board, convened in 2023 and produced a resultant SSR.

TP Group was tasked to provide an independent review through the lens of Assurance, aligned to the requirements of DefStan 00-600 and those of SSE21.


Our approach was to gather available body of evidence (BoE), and tailor a Support Solutions Development Roadmap, through a 3-Stage process, to set the landscape of requirement for baselining (Stage 1), provide the baselining activity under SSE21 Support Requirements for OBC using extant policy and standards, including Integrated Product Support (IPS) and the application of SX000i and DefStan 00-600 (Stage 2).

In doing so, TP Group provided a ‘wrap’ report (Stage 3) which highlighted all activities pursuant to migration from SSE to SSE21, using both DefStan 00-600 and the ASD S-Series, correlated – to ensure that the BoE gap analysis, recommendations, and forward action(s) were evidenced and provided a route to betterment aligned with the appropriate Support Maturity Levels (SML). TP Group provided a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard to support the continuous development activities for SSE21 OBC through to Full Business Case (FBC).


TP Group also provided independent review of a selection of artefacts supporting the Support Solution for Detailed Design and Long Lead (D2L2) and made significant contributions to the development of these artefacts with key Industry Participants (IPs).


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