Gareth Vaughan joins TP Group  and Osprey Consulting Services


Defence and aerospace business leader Gareth Vaughan has been appointed to lay strong foundations for growth across the aviation and aerospace sectors for TP Group and Osprey Consulting Services.

Gareth will lead TP Group’s Air domain, identifying and developing opportunities to apply technical expertise from both businesses to break new ground in the aerospace and aviation markets.

As Delivery Director for sister company Osprey CSL, Gareth will optimise the business, setting it up for the next stage of growth in a way that maintains and enhances its identity, values and ethos. His objective is to build on the consultancy’s longstanding reputation for excellence facilitating safety, security, and sustainability in aviation.

Sustainable, value-driven growth
With exciting prospects on the cards, both businesses require expert growth leadership to ensure they continue delivering high levels of service while increasing capacity and making inroads to new domains. Gareth has a proven track record on this count, having previously led successful scale-up and expansion efforts for several organisations serving the defence and aerospace sectors. He will also leverage specialist skills from the wider network of Science Group companies to meet customers’ specific technical and advisory needs.

“Osprey CSL and TP Group are both at a pivotal stage of development with opportunities to grow and extend their operations,” Gareth explains. “In each case, people are critical to the growth equation. These experienced teams hold rich seams of talent and valuable sector expertise. My job is to create strategies, opportunities, and frameworks which empower individuals and elevate business capabilities.”

There is a high level of synergy between Osprey CSL and TP Group, which both require careful optimisation of teams to preserve what’s important while readying for change. Gareth advocates an empathetic approach that considers various internal perspectives as well as wider stakeholder and customer needs.

“For the past 15 years, I’ve specialised in leading businesses through change and growth. This can present many challenges, and it’s vital to engage and energise teams so they want to embrace new opportunities. I’ve learnt the importance of understanding what makes a business tick and why people want to work there, as this is where the true value lies. Business growth may necessitate more structure and rigour, but when it’s implemented appropriately people have more freedom to do what they excel at. This creates win-win scenarios for employees and customers alike.”

Gareth’s appointment strengthens the TP Group’s delivery offering as he joins James Dunne, Client Director Maritime and Chris Cullis, Client Director Land and Joint, to create an experienced and industry respected senior team with a focus on offering maximum value to key customers including Ministry of Defence (MOD) departments.

TP Group offers specialist technical and management support and advisory to government departments and defence organisations in the Air domain. More information is available here.

Osprey CSL is Science Group’s aviation consultancy arm, offering platform, airspace, air traffic management and complex instrument flight procedure services to civilian and military clients. More information is available here.


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