We deliver domain leading analysis and approvals knowledge, skills and experience to support clients or take full responsibility for the delivery of outcomes. Our knowledge, skills and experience provide leadership and resource support – enabling our customers to make more timely and informed decisions.

We apply a range of industry recognised methods to generate and evaluate cost, time, performance and risk data, to enable the selection of the most beneficial course of action.

Business case & approvals support

Produce a benefits led, evidence based business case to secure approvals for implementation of enterprise change

Provides robust, holistic evidence (strategic, technical, financial, commercial, economic and management) in support of business cases

Uses model based analysis, including multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA); whole-life costing (WLC); cost benefit analysis (CBA); combined operational effectiveness and investment appraisal (COEIA)

Operational analysis

  • Generate and analyse options for new and/or modified system/services, providing robust and holistic evidence to justify option down-select
  • Generates and assesses cost, time, performance and risk data – identifying cost drivers and potential savings
  • Provides robust evidence in support of business cases (including JSP655)
  • Development of concept of analysis (COA), combined operational effectiveness and investment appraisal (COEIA) and operational analysis supporting paper (OASP)
  • Supports investment appraisal, balance of investment and VfM decisions

Acquisition & procurement support

  • Generate Invitation to Tender/Negotiation (ITT/N) documentation
  • Develops full output based specification from justified, validated, de-conflicted and traceable requirements
  • Generates robust evaluation criteria and evidenced and auditable decision log
  • Undertake thorough, objective and independent evaluation of supplier and tender responses
  • Conduct supplier negotiations
  • Provide embedded support to hold supplier to account
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