LE TacCIS Phase 2 – Programme Transformation

Background and requirement

LE TacCIS is a transformation Programme delivering capability now, and change for the future. It has a defined set of benefits including ‘increased timeliness of upgrades’ which requires a new approach to communication and information system (CIS) procurement and delivery.


TP Group supported the team delivering the Evolutionary Capability Delivery (ECD) Target Operating Model (TOM). This defines the processes, organisation, tools and information required in the future to deliver CIS in an agile manner without recourse to a Prime supplier, allowing constant evolution of the system through new or enhanced CIS services. Delivering ECD demands that users, commands and delivery agents adopt agile ways of working. Through embedded working with the programme team, TP Group  worked closely with stakeholders across the Defence Operating Model (including Scrutiny) to develop and refine the ECD TOM and generate an implementation plan.


The TOM (including robust approvals approach and governance) gives the programme freedom, ability and approval to deliver ICT services using agile principles. If implemented as proposed in the implementation plan the TOM will transform delivery of LE TacCIS capability in the future.

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