Maritime specialist James Dunne gets on board at TP Group

maritime specialist james dunne

Former Royal Navy Submariner James Dunne has joined TP Group’s senior team as Client Director Maritime.

James will strengthen the delivery team with his in-depth knowledge of the maritime domain, based on more than 20 years working with the Royal Navy. As well as working (and living) on submarines and ships during his time in uniform, James has held leadership roles at BAE Systems Maritime and Elbit Systems UK where he worked closely with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the delivery of complex projects and programmes to the Royal Navy.

Silent Service insights

Maritime engineering and support is a core service area for TP Group and one of James’ objectives is to ensure the delivery team understands the operational context. Individuals must appreciate the dual need for quality and pace, whether they are contributing to mechanical, electrical, or combat systems, or a transverse discipline.

“It can be difficult to comprehend the extreme demands of the maritime environment, for both platforms and people, if you have not served at sea,” says James. “This is especially true of submarines where stress levels are already high, and an operational defect can very quickly compromise the safety of the ship’s company. I want to make sure the unique requirements and risks of submarine engineering are always front of mind for the delivery team. Even when they’re deep in documents or meetings they must be acutely aware of the wider context.”

James’ industry experience includes supporting the MOD in bringing the Royal Navy’s Astute Class submarines into service. He’s also led combat systems projects for the Astute and Vanguard Classes, as well as holding responsibility for various capabilities for the Type 26 Global Combat Ship programme. Before joining TP Group, he led an industry team delivering the Royal Navy’s next-generation electromagnetic warfare capability. Combining this industry experience with his earlier career in the Royal Navy, James can ‘join the dots’ anticipating what will add value to clients and – most importantly – the end users.

Following TP Group’s acquisition by Science Group in 2023, the team can draw on the experience and expertise of sister companies including R&D consultancy Sagentia Innovation. According to James, this unlocks exciting opportunities to apply new ways of thinking to enduring challenges.

“Submarines are extremely complex vessels, carrying an array of systems, not to mention a nuclear reactor or potentially nuclear weapons. TP Group already has a strong history providing experts to support the engineering of these platforms. As part of Science Group, we have even deeper reach into science and technology capabilities. This enables us to contribute to areas that might seem mundane to an outsider, yet are absolutely critical for a submariner.

“For example, innovation might focus on enhancing the food endurance of a submarine, without increasing storage needs. Collaboration between TP Group’s defence teams and food experts from the wider Science Group could unlock interesting and potentially game-changing prospects. With the Royal Navy’s increased interest in science and technology, this is a great time to work with the excellent engineers and scientists of TP Group. I’m looking forward to continuing to support the Royal Navy in my new role.”

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